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Sustainable Tourism

Our work focuses on sustainable tourism and developing concrete tools for different tourism stakeholders to help integrate sustainability into their strategies, products, services and operations.

Our experts in this field

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What we offer

  • Sustainability assessments

  • Sustainability capacity building and awareness raising

  • Environmental management training

  • Sustainability strategies for destinations

  • Development of certification systems

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) management

  • Human rights and labour law

Current challenges and trends 

Tourism is increasingly seen as a possible contributor to sustainable regional development at destination level. 

If developed responsibly, tourism can contribute not only to economic development but also to building more stable societies and promoting and protecting natural and cultural resources. It is in tourism's own interest to preserve pristine landscapes, promote vibrant cultures, and support hospitable communities. 

To transform current tourism into an enduringly successful and sustainable industry, all stakeholders involved are needed to enhance the economic, social, and environmental benefits of tourism while mitigating its negative impacts. Here, we can develop effective strategies and support with their implementation.


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