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We help local and regional authorities, destinations and tourism service providers to develop and manage touristic activities. This includes the development of new experiences as well as the mitigation of existing or expected negative impacts of tourism. We conduct in-depth destination audits to assess development opportunities and support planning and master plan design to ensure that experiences, services and products meet the needs of current and future visitors.

Strategy & Destination Development

Our experts in this field

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What we offer

  • Strategic planning & master planning

  • Destination assessments & audits

  • Regional development

  • Tourism policy

  • Tourism infrastructure

  • Feasibility studies

  • Destination development and/or management plans

  • Experience & product development

  • Process management (incl. COVID-19)

Current challenges and trends 

Sustainable master planning and strategy development in tourism means taking into account the needs of the market and potential travellers as well as the opportunities and needs of the locals. In this context, master planning encompasses all strategic pillars of a holistic tourism product: placemaking, technical planning, infrastructure development, experience development, governance as well as operations and market positioning.


The members of Swiss Tourism Experts have the necessary skills and experience to achieve the required results by involving all types of stakeholders in the entire strategy process.


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