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Sustainable winter tourism development in Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan, Helvetas is supporting government and non-government actors to generate high economic value with low environmental impact through winter tourism.

Winter Tourism Kyrgyzstan (WTK) is a Swiss Government funded project aiming at developing sustainable and competitive tourism products and services. It supports a more favourable business environment and formalized coordination mechanisms to enhance competitiveness and enable better access to the winter tourism value chain.

Our team advises counterparts at national level and in the specific region of Karakol on how best to avoid mistakes made elsewhere, and how to access and apply proven best practices to offer more and higher value-added services, year-round. For interventions to be environmentally and socially sustainable, a comprehensive approach is applied, based on building the capacity of Kyrgyz stakeholders with Swiss expertise, via long-term partnerships. This includes a better training offer, especially for hospitality providers, ski instructors and winter guides, and the strengthening of market-based structures (mainly associations) to advocate for more favourable framework conditions through effective policies. It also embraces the reinforcement of long-term public-private partnerships to ensure safety and security services as well as a support for a more effective destination management.

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