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Nature conservation for sustainable development in the western Altiplano of Guatemala

Ukuch Ixcanul project is implemented in the Volcanic Chain of Quetzaltenango by a consortium composed of Helvetas, Fundap, Intecap, Mesaforc VI and the Association of Community Tourist Guides Explorando El Valle.

The Uk'uch Ixcanul Project strengthens the more inclusive management of existing forests, while incorporating traditional organizational structures. It consolidates biodiversity conservation and sustainable forest use by generating economic development initiatives and strengthens local value chains for community tourism. It improves both income and employment opportunities. At the same time, it improves the networking and ecosystem services of municipal and urban natural forests. The project contributes to ensuring that indigenous men and women in the communities around the community and urban forests enjoy a good quality of life and can generate income from forestry incentives and tourism. It encourages local governments, communities and private actors to invest in forest conservation and community tourism development.

The project aims to create a regional community tourism route with functional value chains linked to providers of tourist services and products, as a tool for economic development and sustainable management of the landscape, mountain biodiversity and recognition of the Mayan culture present in the area.

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