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Swiss Tourism Experts offers quality services with lasting solutions for your tourism or hospitality project.

Tourism Development Services

We help local and regional authorities, destinations and tourism service providers to develop and manage touristic activities. This includes the development of new experiences as well as the mitigation of existing or expected negative impacts of tourism.

We conduct in-depth destination audits to assess development opportunities and support planning and master plan design to ensure that experiences, services and products meet the needs of current and future visitors.


We provide guidance for tourism planners, developers and managers that reflects best practices in sustainable tourism development and contributes to the independent management of their tourism sites.  

Project Management Services

We support our clients in the planning and implementation of their projects. Building on our expertise and years of experience, we can advise you in setting milestones, allocating resources, setting budgets and securing finances. 

Planning and development is carried out together with local tourism stakeholders, involving key decision-makers and affected public, private, academic and civil society representatives.

Hospitality Services

We support you in the planning, operation or asset management of your hotel property and have many years of experience in all life cycles of a hotel facility.

We identify development opportunities and recommend the concept and product that will allow the project to develop successfully. Together with our long-standing network of investors, operators and financiers, we are the reliable partner for your project.

Our goal is to develop future-oriented projects that allow a wide range of possible uses. 

During ongoing operations, we support you in identifying inefficient processes and help you to improve the profitability of the facility. Furthermore, we are experienced  in improving and monitoring service quality and support you in creating a consistent service experience in your portfolio through mystery shopping.

Sustainable Tourism Services

Our work focuses on sustainable tourism and developing concrete tools for the tourism industry to help integrate sustainability into their strategies, products, services and operations.

Capacity Building Services

The quality of a destination's tourism experience is highly dependent on the skills, knowledge and know-how of its workforce.

We provide human resources development projects, including labor market analysis, identification of obstacles for successful human resources development, analysis of training needs for the tourism sector and capacity building.

In addition, we offer advice on education and training programs and implementation of systems to ensure that these programs meet the needs of the industry and the labor market.

Digital Transformation in Tourism

We offer a sound understanding of the rapidly changing tourism marketplace, digital channels, multi-channel distribution systems, social media, web design best practice and eCommerce solutions in tourism. We analyze the complete online performance of tourism businesses and create tailored digital transformation strategies.


Our services include strategic planning and operational training on all aspects of digital including tools and trends in digital marketing, website design, search engine optimization, exploiting social media channels, CRM and mobile.

Tourism Market Research

Solid market research is often the basis for successful and sustainable tourism development.


We offer a range of market research services as elements of strategic reviews and other specific tools to measure visitor perception over time, to assess business performance or the impact of new proposals.


Receive answers to questions that require a customized market research approach with a mix of primary, secondary, qualitative and quantitative methods. Tailored to your needs, we combine desk research, focus groups, interviews, online surveys and other market research techniques.

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