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Study report: Digitisation in tourism – opportunities, challenges, implications

On behalf of the Swiss government, the HES-SO Valais, together with academic partners from Swiss universities, has produced a comprehensive report on various areas and aspects of digitization in tourism.

The report comes to a large number of conclusions. For example, digitization accelerates the blurring of the boundaries between the different sectors in tourism - new players find it easier to access the tourism market. One of the best known examples is Airbnb: this online platform enables "small" players (B&B providers) to easily enter the tourism market and offer their own accommodation. Such developments lead to increased competitive dynamics for the players in the tourism industry. The aim of the report is to enable tourism stakeholders to adapt their own strategies or business models to the new conditions in a globalized digital world.

The report also contains various recommendations for further action in the field of tourism for different stakeholders. For example, the establishment of a "Sounding Board on Digital Transformation in Tourism", which should regularly reflect on assumptions and developments regarding digitization in tourism and develop important future topics and ideas for action.


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